Monday, July 18, 2005

Talked Fast, Bet Fast, Broke Fast

I went to a no limit game in North Austin the other day and ran into a player I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years. He proceeded to start teasing me about hitting one outers. The interesting thing is that not a single player at the table had a clue to what he was referring to. So I said, “You do realize that no one here knows what the hell you are talking about.”

A player at the table who I didn’t know asks, “Yeah, what is he talking about?”

That was the question he wanted someone to ask. So he proceeded to tell the story of a hand in which I had played. Now mind you, this somewhat infamous hand happened back in November of 2003. Yeah…2003. There are so many new players on the scene these days, that hell, most of them weren’t even playing cards yet in 2003.

The thing is, time has a way to make the details fuzzy, so I wanted to tell you the REAL version of the hand:

To understand the why of the hand in question, you have to understand the opponent.

Imagine a fellow, 31ish, clean cut, loud but jovial car salesman – lets call him Bob. Bob talked fast, he bet fast, he broke fast. I had played on several occasions with him…10/20 limit, in which I saw him get in some $1500 deep, and previously in a 2/5 blind pot limit game.

In the 10/20 game, I watched him bet, raise, re-raise until he was all-in. It appeared that he and his opponent might have the same nut straight when it came to show down. But alas, Bob had misread his hand and only had a pair….I think he contributed about $120 to that pot.

A few nights before this hand I am about to tell you about, we locked horns in a 2/5 pot limit game. I had A10d. I was in late position and raised $25 preflop, there were 3 callers including Bob.

Flop came: 10, 6, 5 with two diamonds. Our car salesman leads out with a pot sized bet. Two others fold and I smooth called it.

The turn came a diamond. I don’t remember the exact card. All I know is I had the nuts and Bob bet a couple of hundred into me. Hoping he was on a big diamond draw…like a K high, I wanted to suck him in. So I smooth called again.

The river came a 4th diamond. I had the stone cold nuts.

Bob checked, and so I bet a few hundred at the pot, expecting Bob to fold. But no, he checked raised me. After that I pushed all in, about $1500 or so.

Bob called and turned over 2d3d.

I admire the play on the river, but when I come back over the top for the rest of my stack? And he calls it with a 3 high flush? Can I play with you every night?

Ok…so here is the hand we have all been waiting for.

The game was 2/5 blinds, pot limit Holdem. I was in middle position with about $2800 in front of me and spied two beautiful ladies in my hand. Someone had the straddle on and it was folded to me. I made the max 5x raise of the straddle - $50. There was a single caller and then Bob (with about $2600) on the button made a pot sized raise ($175 if you are keeping track.). Everyone folded to me and I re-raised $300. Bob thought about it and just called. The pot has become quite a skillet with a little over $1100 in it pre-flop.

I know Bob has big cards….but not a pair. His MO would have him re-raise again in last position with a big pair. No….he had something like AK suited or AQ suited…maybe even KQ suited. He could have an under pair, but I think he would re-raise me again with an under pair.

The Flop:

A Q 8 rainbow

I was first to act and called “time” to analyze what the best play would be here. Believing he has an A, if I check, I’m afraid he will think I am trapping him and check behind me even if he does have a strong hand, if I make a pot sized bet, he might let it go putting me on a set. I felt I needed to make a large bet, but not too large, he might think I am trying to buy it, and if he has AK he is going to assume he has the best kicker.

“$700” I said as I put my chips into the pot.

“Raise it all in” Bob declares with excitement, jumps up from his chair and shoves his chips into the pot. Hmmmm…….must be AQ!

“I call.” This was sweet music to his ears as he turns over AA and begins dancing around his chair.

All of a sudden there was a crowd. Players from the other tables come over to observe.

“Holy Shit….look at the size of that Pot!” I hear from behind me.

I turn over my Hilton Sisters and feel a small lump in my throat. Damn, I didn’t even think for a second he had AA, never entered my mind, bad move Mike.

“Set over set – classic.” I hear another player say.

The dealer brings the turn card………………Q.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!” The room breaks into pandemonium. The whole room is in disbelief, and poor Bob….his chin hits the table when that Queen hit the board. He was a broke man…figuratively and literally. The river was in consequential so I couldn’t even tell you what it was. The pot was pushed to me and I tipped out a couple of greens.

About 30 seconds pass and Bob blows a gasket. “What the fuck!?!?!” He stormed out vowing to never play again.

He did though, many more times. Bob…thanks for the action, and I really appreciate you paying for the Caribbean cruise. I just want you to know, I think of you every time I watch my 32” flat screen HDTV.

Oh yeah...Bob isn't his real name.


Anonymous said...

nice hand mike, who did you see that you hadnt seen in two years? i still remember that night too...

Anonymous said...

Is Ray back in town Mike? That guy is always good for poker.

Anonymous said...

the first hand account must be incorrect or he would have had a straight flush...but i get the gist..

mikek628 said...

I'm sorry, I apparently wasn't clear in the posting.

"Flop came: 10, 6, 5 with two diamonds." This means that two of the three cards above were diamonds. I did not clarify which two cards were diamonds. 10d, 6c, 5d.

"The turn came a diamond. I don’t remember the exact card." This means I don't remember what the value of the diamond card that came.

"All I know is I had the nuts and Bob bet a couple of hundred into me." This means that there is no other hand available that can beat my Ace high flush.

"The river came a 4th diamond. I had the stone cold nuts." This means that the last card was a diamond that did not pair the board making my Ace high flush unbeatable. If I have the stone cold nuts, it also means that they guy did NOT have a straight flush, but I can see how one might interpret it as so. I hope this helps to clarify the story. Thanks for droping by!

Anonymous said...

The original post was correct, 4th diamond not 4 of diamonds was stated.

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