Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Shhhh.....be verwe quiet...we are hunting wabbits

A pre-flop raise thinned the field to 4 players.

The flop came 8s, 9h, 2s. Normally, this would be an action killing flop. But not for this table. No, the aggressive style of the players in this game made you think that they were holding AA every hand.

Bet - raise - Someone raises the amount of the pot. All of a sudden it's heads up.
There is about $320 in the pot when the turn comes: As.

Player A (who has about $800 in chips) bets the pot. Now Player A is sort of a loose cannon, he is very aggressive, but is not necessarily a maniac, he knows when he has the best hand.

Player B has about $250 in chips and is not as experienced as Player A. He isn't as aggressive, and he tends to call more than bet. He requests time, picks up his cards, shuffles them, puts them down. He stands up, he sits down. He is in a real predicament. Should he call? If he calls, he will be all in. He has already rebought twice and I think he is at the end of his bank roll for the night. If he wins this hand, he'll triple through, but if he loses, he'll be heading home. "Do you have the big flush?", he asks Player A in attempt to get a read.

Player A just sits motionless as he stares at the board.

After about 5 minutes of hemming and hawing....Player B folds, showing his Js10s as he tosses it into the muck. What a lay down.

Player A is all smiles as he mucks his hand while the pot is pushed to him. "Yeah, I had it....KQ of spades".

Player not in the hand, "Let's see the river card, dealer".

The dealer brings the river card, K of spades.

Player A: "Damit, I should have called!"


I know rabbit hunting has become very popular, in fact, we now see the rabbit cam on WPT and even ESPN. If you want my opinion, it is just wrong. Rabbit hunting should be outlawed in every poker game. Why? Because of what you just read. Player A was representing a hand which he apparently did not have. This is poker at it's fundamental best. Bringing the river card exposed his move and while it is possible that he had a Q high flush which would have beaten the J high, we will never know for sure. And that is the way it should be. If you don't call the bet, you don't get to find out.

Rabbit hunting is bad news for poker. Even if you were player B, what does rabbit hunting get you? Nothing but a feeling of being duped and you still don't know if you would have won the pot or not.

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