Monday, July 25, 2005

Klingons, Gondolas, and Poker

Well, only a couple of days and we will be in Vegas. We get in Wednesday night and return the following Tuesday. A whole week in Candy Land! If you are there and are looking for me, here is a vague agenda.

Wednesday arrive and check into the Rio.
Thursday – Orleans Open 1200 NLHE tournament. Depending when I bust out of the tournament, I have a free roll slot tournament to do at the Rio as part of their Summer Fest. I hate slots, but since it is a free roll, hell, why not?
Friday – check out of the Rio and check into the Luxor.
Moving to the Luxor is important as Grandma and Grandpa are at staying there and since they want to see the baby and we want to make it easy for them to baby sit….well you get the picture. We are then going to drive out to Henderson for a family wedding and visit with all of the relatives. I don’t expect to be making it to the tables this day.
Saturday –I’ll be doing some sight seeing with family. I know for sure we are going to the Star Trek experience at the Hilton as my Brother-in-Law is all psyched up for this. Somewhat fitting since Scotty (James Doohan) passed away last week at the age of 85. I expect we will probably see a show or two and who knows what else. Some ideas were to do a gondola ride at the Venetian, catch a rollercoaster, drive out to see the dam, or what ever else the group wants to do. Hopefully late night we will be able to sneak away to the tables while Grandma and Grandpa are babysitting!
Sunday – We have to check out of the Luxor and head back over to the Rio. Our nights at the Rio are free so you can see the appeal of staying there and I’ve already explained why we are staying at the Luxor. I’m hoping to make a good showing at the Orleans Open Championship NLHE tournament which starts at Noon.
Monday – No plans yet.
Tuesday – Head home, hopefully with a little change left in my pocket.

I want to tell you a story about my Brother-in-Law since I mentioned him above. Harold is definitely a Trekie. The guy loves all things Star Trek but I think he is very partial to Klingons. I recall a conversation with him once when we had gone over to their place for dinner. After dinner, we sat down to watch a Star Trek movie (I don’t remember which one…Nemesis maybe) and after several Martinis, I asked Harold the following question:

“Harold, why are Trekies considered Geeks?”

“Because we like things that aren’t popular”, he replied.

“Yeah, but Star Trek is very popular.”

He sipped his Martini and looked at me and said,

“Yeah, but only to us geeks.”

I wonder if he knows that Wil Wheaton is an avid poker player.

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