Friday, January 12, 2007

Why did you raise so much? Donkey.

I was recently playing in a 2/5 NLHE game. The table was fairly tight until we accomodated 11 players when we squeezed in 2 Asian kids who were known to give lots of action. Up until this point in the game, a $25 pot was a large pot. After about 20 mins, the game began to loosen up, and it was becomming the kind of game in which my style of play works best.

One of these players was in early postion and raised preflop to $15. There were 4 callers in front of me and so when the action came to me, I found As9h in my hand and smoothed called. Two more called behind me.

The flop came 10s. 8s. 7s. The initial raiser led bet with $51. Two players reluctantly called and 2 dropped out. Having the A high flush draw and open end straight, I decided to narrow the field as the original better only had another $80 in front of him - so I raised the pot to $250.
The two players behind me quickly dropped and the initial raiser called all in with his $80. The two remaining players in between us each folded, albeit reluctantly. It was now heads up and I was guaranteed to see the next two cards without putting in anymore money.

The player turned over Js7h - having the NUT flush draw and bottom pair. He was currently ahead but by my calculations, I was a favorite to win the hand. Unfortunately, I didn't hit and the younger player more than doubled at my expense.

It was then after the hand was over that an older gentleman immediately in front of me who was in to see the flop said, "Why did you raise so much? Weren't you afraid of getting called?"
I said, "He only had $80 more to call with."
To which he replied, "yeah, so why raise it so much? There were people behind you."
To which I said, "yeah, and they only had $15 committed to the pot."
To which he replied, " not the guys who already called the $51."
To which I replied, "you said behind me, not in front, sir. "
To which he said, "You weren't afraid of them calling?"
To which I just said, "No".
He then went on to mumble something like about being a moron, who didn't know I was beat and was just throwing away money.

Yes, that's it...I was throwing away money. Or could it be that he doesn't understand how to play NLHE? NO, couldn't be that....I must just be a big DONKEY.

What do you think?


Duck said...

welcome back buddy!


estonb said...

FOLD PREFLOP YOU DONKEY! Unless of course, you were playing it blind, from the porch...then you should probably raise.