Monday, January 22, 2007

Upon Further Review™

New Poker related Product coming to an airport near you. UPON FURTHER REVIEW™ The new privacy product for your laptop. Play poker at the airport without revealing what you are doing to those around you! Essential when traveling through Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) and Spokane (GEG)!

So I am sitting at Logan International Airport waiting for my departure to Chicago. I've been here all week for business and had planned on getting away a bit early yesterday so I could slide on down and play at Foxwoods. Unfortunately, the combination of getting out of work late, snow fall, a 2.5 hour drive each way to get there, oh and having to ensure I made it to my early morning flight on time was just enough reasons to forego the ride down.

So what does any poker player do when he has a lap top...has an internet sitting in the boarding area with an hour and a half to kill?

I sit down to play Full Tilt and low and behold I get involved in a hand with a double gutter/flush draw and some guy is lead betting top pair on the flop....with an all-in move in first position. Of course I just have to call his last $34.00. The turn brought my straight and the river brought my flush. I think to myself...sucker...and then I hear a little cheer from behind me. (OK, maybe it was just a groan, but it clearly was in response to the outcome of the hand.) It seems that I had attracted a little crowd who was sweating my play.

Well if you have ever played with me, you will know that I just HATE someone sweating me. Call it superstition; call it insecurity; call it trying to keep my play a mystery; what ever you want to call it...I call it annoying. Not only does it make me feel like my every move is being scrutinized, it also let's people get poker lessons for free.

The next thing I know, this guy is telling his collegue that he wouldn't have played it that way, that I was a typical internet player who gets rewared for bad play. Huh? I'm not quite sure how I could have played it any differently other than to fold. And if I had done that, I wouldn't have learned how inexperienced you are. You can play with me anytime.......

But now I had to move, because I wasn't giving this guy anymore free lessons. Funny thing is, I kind of think he would not have learned anything from me as it was....since he clearly didn't get the concept of how the game works. Or is it I have a warped sense of how to play...maybe that's it.

Let's check the replay.....


jackietrehorn said...

I find it interesting that in Las Vegas, where nothing is free, you can get free Wi-Fi at McCarran (LAS), yet in Austin, which is supposedly one of the most "wired" cities in the world, it costs you like $10 to go online at Bergstrom "International" Airport (AUS). My methodology is to find a wall, by a plug, and lean against it so nobody sees what I'm doing.

AKA Dirty Stacks said...

I think they all should provide wifi for free.