Saturday, November 19, 2005


The other casino I visited was the WinStar just across the Oklahoma State Line. This place is significantly closer than Bossier City, hurricane stricken Lake Charles, or you better know how to speak Spanish Eagle Pass.

I was in North Texas on business when I made the trek north of Ft. Worth to visit this new casino. Word has it that Bossier City casinos are taking a beating as most of the DFW crowd have switched allegance to the new casino, not because it is better, not because it is prettier, but because it is closer. WAY CLOSER than driving to Bossier City.

So I arrive at the TENT casino at about 6pm. The Sun was still out when I arrived. The significance to this is that the everything above about 8 ft is painted flat black. When you first arrive, your eyes will take a lot of time to adjust to this. I found it to give me an uncomfortable feeling. It made it feel like you were hiding from someone. Personally, I like the bright and airy feeling you get when you walk into a well lit casino.

As I hadn’t eaten in a long time, I made my way to the deli area. I ordered a hotdog and drink then went to sit down. As I was dove into the dog, I notice something moving on the floor near the trash can in the corner. It was a Rat. Yes, Rattus norvegicus. I went to the counter and informed one of the employees. They sent out this snaggle toothed dude to check it out. As he approached the trash can, the rat took off out onto the casino floor and they guy just shrugged his shoulders, “Sector 12 secure”. I guess that is why it is so dark, they don’t want you to see the rats.

I then make my way to the poker room. I sit down in a 5/10 game as I waited for a seat in the 10/20 game. A few hands in, the board comes: K Q J A 10 rainbow.

It was heads up and when the 10 hit the river the guy in first position made a beat. The guy in second position was about to lay down the hand when the dealer intervened, pushed back the bet from the bettor and said the board played. She made the person in second position turn over his hand as she began splitting the pot. If that wasn’t amazing enough, I waited for someone to say something and no one did. Are you kidding me?

After about 15 mins, I moved to the 10/20 game. I found this game to be so soft, I couldn’t really believe how many hands I stole. After only about 3 hours, the game broke, much to my dismay. I was up a little over $500 and I had only shown down 3 hands.

I thought about getting on the 5/10 no limit game, as there was this guy who had about $6K in front of him, but I didn’t bring that big of a bank roll with me, so I sat down in the 2/5 game. Another rock garden. I am beginning to think I just don’t have the patience anymore to play no limit cash games. I’m tired of players who sit, sit, sit, get AA and go all in. I donated $300 to their cause as I went all in over the top of a guy with AsKc when he bet $80 the turn. The board read 7s, 4s, 10h, Ks. He thought about it for like 4 minutes then reluctantly called. The river was a blank and his Js, 3s flush held up.


EstonB said...

The only thing better than making a casino oasis in the middle of a desert, run by wiseguys and drug dealers, is arranging any sort of competitive intellectual activity in podunk places like Oklahoma, Lousiana and Eagle Pass, TX.

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