Saturday, November 19, 2005

Where have all the posts gone?

The poster is back…well sort of. I want to thank you all for your kind words encouraging me to post again. Especially you Duck. What will life be like without that email every other day telling me to post something? I mean, after all, if Eston can post an entry….

Since I last posted, I have certainly played some poker. Mostly in town, but I did make a couple of trips to casinos when nearby on a business trip.

The first place I went to is the Sandia Indian Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I happened to get there after a weekly tournament started, so the room was packed. They have about 15 tables and the room seems to be fairly organized.

I ended up playing 10/20 limit with a half kill. There was tons of action and quite a few players who were somewhat novice. I had built a somewhat tight aggressive table image…yeah, can you believe that? Me? Tight? LOL. Well these players didn’t know me, so once that image was put into their minds, I was able to make some pretty bold but successful moves. I played for about 3.5 hours and took home a win of $545.

I played the next night when there wasn’t a tournament at the same 10/20 with a half kill game and found it to be a very still rock garden. There was one loose cannon in the bunch who would have the tremendous swings. I played until they closed -4am. (Yeah, for some reason they close at 4 am during the week.) I did have a chance to cash out on a postitive note if I had just cashed out. I pulled the classic “I’m in the dark” play which resulted in a pot worth about $450 being pushed my way when it was over. I made some shitty two pair and snapped off AA and KK. Nice. Should have cashed right then. But that hand loosened up the table a bit and I thought this is starting to look like my game. Unfortunately, I then had AA, AK, and QQ cracked. At any rate, my previous night’s success was not relived and I donated back about half of what I had won the night before.

Still, it was a successful trip and I will definitely be heading back sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

I've played at that casino a couple of times. I notice that there are some employees that seem to be throwing their chips around a little too much when they play. I dont have a problem with playing against dealers, mind you, but when they are obviously trying to build up pots it bothers me. I figured they were building up their tips at the same time. Kind of like going to a steak house that's ala carte and having the waiter recommend the brocolli for each one one at the table, when one brocolli will feed maybe 12 people.