Wednesday, December 10, 2008

APD Shoot Would Be Robber of Illegal Poker Game

I was just in Austin visiting my old haunts and I got filled in on the recent attempted robbery of a card game in north Austin last month. Seems that one of the robbers had an AK47 and shot at police. It didn't end well. The question is, will there be reprecussions to the underground poker community from this incident? Will APD look at the incident as a mandate to stomp out the games? If you close down the games, they are no longer a target for thugs, and it keeps the violence out of quiet residential neighborhoods.

Despite this incident, I am here to tell you that the Austin Poker Underground is alive and well. In fact, there is a proliferation of games available to play in, if you know who to ask. I am amazed that they all are able to operate. Many whom we thought would have gone away are still in operation, although they may have moved for obvious reasons. Even still, I saw alot of familiar faces and sprinkled with new faces to that seemingly seedy world. Ah, the stories I heard, the action I have missed. Gotta love Austin Poker, it is a society unto itself.

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