Friday, May 12, 2006

Are you drunk or do you always talk this much?

I was playing at a game last night where there was an older gentleman who was rather inebriated. He was having a good time and winning some big pots. He also was VERY talkative. His slurred words and unsolicited opinions seemed to be annoying a few players at my end of the table. I personally liked him being this way – he was providing all kinds of action, raising pre-flop, straddling, and betting with apparent abandonment. He was definitely playing loose, but I think some of the players were underestimating his ability to discern where he stood in hands and he was cleaning up rather nicely – or at least his growing chip stack seemed to support such a notion.

At any rate, after a rather long diatribe about something which none of us could quite comprehend I stated, “Well; it could be worse.”

To which a fellow player asked, “What? Like if there were two of them?”

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