Monday, April 24, 2006

Breakfast of Champions

There is a certain poker player that plays in Austin: whom many of you know. I recently heard a story involving this player which happened many months ago, but I have only just heard it and thought it was humorous.

A group of players made a road trip from Austin to play in New Orleans for a few days. After a rather difficult night of playing poker and busting out, our hero found a buddy at another table and said something like this:

“Hey man, I’m kind of hungry, can you spot me some, so I can get breakfast?”

The player looked up from his cards and said “Sure, man. How much do you need?”

To which our hero replied:



SA Poker Club Owner said...

Hi Mike,

Just found your blog. Look forward to reading it from time to time!


mikek628 said...

Hey Pete,

Hope you enjoy!